Creating your working environment

Create parameters to let the system know who you, your team member and your company are.

To begin with, you will have to spend a short amount of time supplying information about you, your team and your company.

Say a little about yourself:

Using the Account tab, by selecting the User Setting option, you will get to this form.

Getting started - Setup your profile

By clicking on Choose a profile picture, you will be able to select a picture from your disk. You can choose any image as long as it is png, jpg or gif, but we advise to choose a picture that would easily identify you or your team members.

Clicking Upload image will make the association between the selected picture and your profile.

This is not mandatory. You can choose not to upload any picture. In this case, your initials will serve in order to create a recognizable thumbnail.

The name is a mandatory piece of information. It is the name you entered when registering your company or sent an invitation to your team members. You can change your name as often as you want, but remember that it is an information that is used to identify yourself to other team members.

Title is optional, however this information will be important in the future to define hierarchy. Title is a selectable information and can be created by selecting the MANAGE menu of the main bar and the Job Titles option.

Getting started - Configuring job titles

Employee number is a complementary information used to identify the team member.

After the employee configuration, you will need to configure your company.

Getting started - Configuring the company

Configuring your company requires a bit more work, most of all if you want to use the invoicing capabilities of WhiteRabbit.

You will define your company Name, Address, Zip code and city. Tax number is a mandatory field for invoicing purposes. You will also need to describe your industry as several option are created by default dependent of the industry choice.

You also need to choose the kind of taxes you are applying on your invoice. You might want to include the tax or VAT amount into your hourly rating or add it afterwards. You can also state that no VAT or taxes is to be applied.

Filling the Working Hours per Week is compulsory and will be used to determine how much time you and your team members are working each day.

Your Timezone allows our servers to understand your time zone in order to set your current hour according to your location.

Currency is set as a legal requirement for your invoices.

Language is determined by default according to your location, but it can be altered, either from the company perspective for all team members, or only for yourself by clicking one of the flags on the bottom of each page. This last option will work temporarily for the time of the current session only.

Getting started - Whiterabbit available languages

WhiteRabbit is currently available in Portuguese, English and French.

You will also choose whenever your team is working on Saturdays or Sundays, by choosing Working Days. Selecting work on Saturdays or Sundays will naturally impact on the working time per day.

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