Manage your projects

Informs how to create, update or delete your projects.

The top of the project management form presents all unarchived projects. 3 options are available for each project

List of projects

- Manage projects, allows you to change data about the selected project, erase it, clone it to a new project, or simply check the project timeline and completion graph

List of projects

A project will require the following information to be entered:
Customer: Simply choose a customer among your base of customers,
Name: A name for the project, Code: Identifying the project by code can make project cataloging easier,
Notes: A short description about the project can help quicker remember what the project is about,
Total Hours: A number of hours that represents the maximum number of time your team should be spending on the project, Start Date: The date on which the project should start being developed and time being reported,
End Date: The date on which the project should end. The system calculates and informs the minimum end date for one-person project depending on the starting date and the amount of hours selected.

- View reported time, shows the working time for the selected project by team member on a popup windows that looks like the following:

Working time

- Archive your project when you have completed it. You will be warned if you try to archive an incomplete project, or if the project still holds uninvoiced timesheets. All archived projects are kept in an area where they can be restored at all time.

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