Setting up invoice parameters

Create parameters to configure invoicing.

This option is accessible in the REPORT menu, Invoice Configuration.

Invoice Configuration - Configuring the invoice production

Invoice parameters will setup when you want your invoices to be out. This could be done weekly by choosing a specific day, or monthly by choosing if you want to send invoices in the middle of the month or at the end.

When you want to control the flow of your invoices, simply choose the manual option. You will be then able to create invoices at will, by period.

You can also choose to send your invoices automatically to your customer, provided an email is configured for the customer.

Each invoice is also presented on this page.

You can view each invoice, print them or send them by email, again provided an email is configured for the customer.

You can also rollback the last numbered invoice, but only if it has not been sent to the customer.

Creating invoices manually will start by opening the following popup window. It will inform of the last invoiced date. You only need to choose until what date you want to include your timesheets values in your invoicing.

By clicking the Search button, the application will recover all non invoiced timesheets by customers, giving a preview of the content of each invoice.

Invoice Configuration - Configuring the company

Clicking the Create Invoice button will produce all the invoices of the selection.

For example:

Invoice Configuration - Invoice sample

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